Swimmers Enjoy World’s First Sky Pool

The world’s first-ever floating and transparent swimming pool has been unveiled in London, named the ‘Sky Pool’, which is 82-feet long and 115-feet above the ground. The pool is attached between the 10th floors of two buildings in the Nine Elms neighbourhood in southwest London, giving a spectacular view. Social media is all frenzy looking at the viral pictures and videos of brave swimmers who have already been experiencing the unprecedented euphoric feel.

The pool area can hold 50 tonnes of water and also features a rooftop bar and spa. According to reports, it was built by structural engineers Eckersley O’Callaghan.The project started after Embassy Gardens collaborated with architecture firms Hal Currey and Arup Associates, who worked with Eckersley O’Callaghan to develop the design.

Embassy Gardens took to Instagram to shared more details : “148,000 litres of water and allows swimmers to float 35 metres in the air between two residential buildings. Our ‘never been done before world first’ SKY POOL is getting ready to launch next month on 19 May.” Embassy Gardens’ mentioned on its website that after tremendous efforts of technical drawings and behavioral analyses, the dimensions of the pool were decided and could come up with an impeccable outcome.

Today has been truly unimaginable as the temperatures in London are expected to reach up to 26 degree and on the hottest day of the year so far, swimmers in London took forayed to get experienced in the Sky Pool. However, things stirred up when it was learnt that those living in the flats between the two buildings are not able to access the pool – but only Embassy Gardens residents can. “Embassy Gardens’ wealthier residents enjoy their pool while London’s lower classes can’t afford to get the flammable cladding removed from their buildings,” wrote journalist Sarah Hurst. A lot of hatred came in as one user tweeted “Rich people in London has too much fun. Hope a lot of birds choose to s*** here.”

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