‘One Dose of Vaccine Is Enough In Covid Survivors’

The researchers found that in the COVID-19 survivors, a single dose of vaccine boosted antibody levels against several different coronavirus variants by up to a thousandfold — and that the second dose essentially offered no additional benefit. Meanwhile, the people with no history of infection had lower antibody levels after two doses of vaccine than the previously infected people had after just one.

Ergo, the second dose may be dispensable in individuals who are previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 in order to avoid needlessly exposure to any adverse effects. On the topic, the Chairman and founder of Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG), Dr Nageshwar Reddy led a study (united research) along with several health experts such as Dr M Sasikala, Dr J Sasidhar, Dr G Deepika, Dr V Ravikanth, Dr V Venkatakrishna, Dr Y Sadhana, Dr K Pragathi.

Dr Nageshwar Reddy said that hospital staff members strode in as volunteers and 200 infected, 200 non-infected had participated in the study. With the research, they could come to a conclusion that those who were already infected with the covid in the past had better antibody response. “While antibody stays for three months, the T Cell memory response will work for 12 months, which is long term. Our study found another interesting factor that T Cell memory in already infected individuals given vaccine is higher”, said the doctor.

As the country is facing vaccination scarcity, the single-dose concept is an effective strategy and its power stays intact for up to 3 months in an individual. The study has 280 individuals enrolled and 131 were RTPCR positive with mild to moderate disease. Of them, 50 required hospital admission. Prior to the first dose of vaccination, all 131 (46.7%) were seropositive, and 149 (53.2%) were seronegative.

“Though a single-dose vaccine strategy is recommended for infected individuals, all the non-infected individuals are required to take the second dose of vaccine,” said the doctors. The study made a conclusion that after 4 weeks, antibodies in covid survivors who took only one dose of vaccination has been massively increased in comparison to non-infected people.

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