Petrol @ 107: Telangana Man Finds A Solution

Petrol Prices

Petrol prices are hitting new highs every passing day. As of today, a litre of petrol costs as much as Rs 107 in Telangana.

So, Kurapati Vidyasagar, an electronic goods technician in Jangaon, Telangana came up with the most cost-effective solution to cut down on fuel expenditures.

Vidyasagar replaced the petrol engine of his two-wheeler with a machine, converter and batteries, thus converting his petrol bike into an electric vehicle.

The middle-aged man purchased the necessary machine for Rs 7500 and connected it to four 30-Ah batteries. The batteries can be charged using just 1 unit of electricity. Once fully charged, the electric machinery powers his bike for a distance of 50km.

Vidyasagar, who previously had to spend about Rs 200 on petrol everyday is now spending around Rs 10 per 1 unit of electricity to charge his vehicle.

Modern problems ask for modern solutions and Kurapati Vidyasagar has now come up with a winning solution for the petrol price problem.

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