Commitment Teaser: It’s all compromise!

Every day we do hear many injustices being met to women and in this smartphone era, they have gone to a next level. It’s always a burning issue and there appears no end to it in near future.

Here is a film based on how women are being exploited and lured in the name of love and later deceived. ‘Commitment’ starring Tejaswi Madivada, Anveshi Jain, Ramya Pasupuleti and Simar Singh had its teaser unveiled.

A film by Lakshmikanth Chenna who earlier made ‘Hyderabad Nawabs’ and ‘Parichayam’ the teaser unfolds lives of four women who have intimidating experiences with four men. Bold scenes and lip-locks form the teaser which entices the visuals further.

But the real deal comes when Tejaswi questions why men always see women as an object and questions how a woman life is always a compromise. This is a hard-hitting subject to deal with.

Baldev Singh and Neelima T are the producers of ‘Commitment’ while Naresh Kumaran has scored the music.