Zombie Reddy First Bite: Spine Chilling

Zombie Reddy, Teja Sajja’s maiden film as hero under the direction of Prashanth Varma, is making enough noise as it is the amalgamation of two unique themes- corona and zombie which Tollywood didn’t observe before. In fact, this is world’s first film on corona.

Actress Samantha has unveiled Zombie Reddy first bite today and wished her Oh Baby co-star Teja and other film unit all the very best. Apparently, Prashanth Varma did enough research on the script, as the video indicates.

A voiceover enlightens the negative impact of human acumen. “Daivam manushya rupena annadi ithihaasam. Rakshasam manushya rupena annadi prasthutham. Bhagavanthuni adbhutha shrusthtilo oke oka porapatu manishiki medha shakthi ivvadam. Aa medha shakthi thanake oka prashnagaa nilisthe, daivam nerpe gunapaatham, manishi uniki ke pramadam,” the lines by the chronicler are thought-provoking.

Covid diagrams on blackboard and vaccine for the same hints that the virus is created in a lab. After much anticipation, we get to see Daksha, Anandhi, Teja Sajja and Zombie in the order.

While Daksha can be seen with a gun, Anandhi with a trident and Teja with a mace, all are warming up for the big fight against the zombies.

Mark K Robins’ BGM compliments the visuals, wherein Anith’s cinematography is top-notch. All in all, Zombie Reddy First Bite is engaging and promises a spine-chilling experience to audiences on screen.

Raj Shekar Varma of Apple Tree Studios is bankrolling the project getting ready to grace the theatres.

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