Anita Tiktok Videos Are Irresistibly Cute

This lockdown has left people getting totally addicted to creating Tiktok videos. Earlier, the craze was huge. But, the quarantine period is making TitTok unleash everyone’s inner creator and hidden performer. With COVID-19 outbreak, TikTok videos are growing in mammoth numbers worldwide.

In fact, celebrities have also fallen for the bandwagon. We are seeing celebrities turning literally everything into a Tiktok video, right from cleaning to daily chores to silly kinds of stuff. Actress Anita Hassanandini is one among these celebrities who is finding ways to keep us entertained with her numerous Tik Tok videos.

The actress literally posts a couple of Tiktok videos every three days and they are also irresistibly cute. Anita, along with her solo videos, is also seen making a few with her husband Rohit Reddy. Not to forget, Anita’s facial expressions have become popular and will leave you fascinated in watching more and more.

She is very good at playing bug-eye, coy, wry and scornful expressions. Her addiction to TikTok videos have been growing rapidly and in return, youngsters are also falling for her dramatic videos. The actress, who is pretty busy with Hindi serials earlier, must have found a new time pass in doing TikTok in lockdown and they are also pure entertainment.