Mass Raja and Omkar's Joint Comedy!

May 5th, 2013, 07:00 AM IST
Mass Raja and Omkar's Joint Comedy!

Banking on a hero for success is advisable, but what for banking on a flop flick of a flop hero is useful? Sometimes it takes a life time to understand some producers who invest crores to buy some scrap.

Right now both Mass Raja Raviteja and popular anchor Omkar are tickling the bones of Sambarland with their comedies. Though many people know this fact, they are wondered by Tamil producers are interested in these two guys. Coming to point, Raviteja's super flop movie 'Nippu' and Omkar's dud flick 'Genius' are now getting dubbed into Tamil and will be releasing soon. Nippu is titled as 'Rowdy Raja', while Genius is named 'Acham Tavir'. Good idea is to dub average and hit flicks into other language, but what for these disasters are getting dubbed into Tamil. Same question is now creating laughs in kollywood circles.

Also releasing of such flop flicks will further damage the image of Raviteja who is leaving no stone unturned to score big with his upcoming 'Balupu'. In fact this movie is scheduled for a May release, but the makers are yet to come clear about it.

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