Anjali United With Dangerous Pinni?

June 2nd, 2013, 03:33 PM IST
Anjali United With Dangerous Pinni?

The happenings in film industry are not just stunning but one will wonder if there are any ethics and consequences for such acts. Here comes the story of hot Telugu beauty Anjali and her dangerous Pinni who shot to headlines sometime back.
The entire episode of Anjali escaping from the clutches of her pinni Bharati Devi and accusing that her pinni is a dangerous woman is a known thing to everyone. Also Anjali lodged cases on her pinni and baabai, while her pinni Bharati Devi filed a missing complaint against Anjali and dragged her to court. Giving pause and punch to all such fiasco, Anjali appeared along with her pinni the other day during the audio launch of Balupu. It looked like all people including Police, Media and enthusiastic fans are just made fools by our Anjali and her pinni.
Critics are asking how come Anjali got united with her pinni despite those serious accusations. They say that Anjali\'s aunt got some vital secrets of this hot beauty, at the same time Anjali made sure that all her earnings are transferred into her bank account and hence the truce.


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