Pavitra! What Is This Begging?

June 4th, 2013, 06:06 PM IST
Pavitra! What Is This Begging?

Pavitra means 'holy' and the total meaning of that got changed now, thanks to our sexy siren Shriya's call girl movie. But the way this movie is getting promoted is raising few eyebrows in Film Nagar.

Earlier the makers of Pavitra have just released some promos featuring Shriya's sexy moves and wild shows. Later they have aired some double meaning dialogues from the flick to garner attention. Now the promotion has reached peaks with release date inching in, and the strategy to promote Pavitra is looking funny now. Apparently while airing those sexposing bits of Shriya, a voice over shouts that everyone should watch this flick twice, one time for Shriya and one time for content. Oh, are we hearing about any Malayali B-grade flick getting released here?

Cine analysts have felt that Pavitra is simply begging audience to come to theatres rather creating an impact with content. What say Pavitra?

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