'1 - Nenokkadine' producers daring move

November 28th, 2013, 11:41 PM IST
'1 - Nenokkadine' producers daring move

'1' movie starring Mahesh Babu in the lead role is carrying sky high expectations. Sukumar, who is known to be an intelligent filmmaker, has been working on this film for over two years. This is touted to be the costliest film ever made on Telugu screen and it is an action thriller with mindboggling action sequences.

Producers of this movie are pretty sure about the 1's performance at the box office. Hence, they are not willing to sell the distribution rights in many areas. Except for Guntur and Uttarandhra, none of the areas are sold for 1. The makers are planning to release it on their own. They are expecting 1 to break all the existing records and therefore they are going for an all out release.

This should be a daring move from the producer's side. When so much money is spent on a film, producers usually tend to sell it off and be in a safe zone. What if the result comes against their expectations? The confidence that the producers are showing in their film is indirectly raising the expectations of fans on 1.

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