Super Hit Director Lost 7 Cr!

Super Hit Director Lost 7 Cr!

Film industry is not just about the success stories of Friday releases, it also has many dark stories and the director of recent hit 'Anando Brahma', Mahi V Raghav also had bitter several days in the industry before being recognized for his work.

From starting his filmy career as an unsuccessful producer to emerging as a successful director, Mahi has come a very long way indeed. Anando Brahma, which's made on a budget on measly 3 Crores has fetched closer to 10+ Crores including the satellite and remake rights. But, Mahi who pursued his MBA and started a business had quit everything and entered industry to produce films. Both his initial movies 'Village lo Vinayakudu' and 'Kudirithe Cup Coffee' are disasters at box-office.

The producer-turned-director himself revealed, in one of the interview, that he lost close to 7 Crores as a producer. Later he donned the director's hat and made 'Paatashala' which's won critics praise but failed to win at box-office. Finally, he made a name for himself with Taapsee starrer 'Anando Brahma', which has put both makers and buyers on the profitable side.

Now, the young director is hoping to make big with the gained momentum after the super successful horror-comedy Anando Brahma and we wish him all the best for his future projects.

Sep 12, 2017 అంటే ‘జవాన్’ ఇంకా అవ్వలేదన్నమాట అంతా అనుకున్న ప్రకారం జరిగితే సాయిధరమ్ తేజ్ కొత్త సినిమా ‘జవాన్’ ఈపాటికే రిలీజైపోవాల్సింది. ఆ చిత్రాన్ని సెప్టెంబరు 1నే రిలీజ్ చ… View Full Article

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