Charming Hero To Solidify 30-40 Market??

Charming Hero To Solidify 30-40 Market??

The stardom of a hero is directly proportional to the collections of his flop film. For example, even the disaster of a Pawan, Mahesh, Charan and Allu Arjun are likely to collect more than 45+ crores and that's why they are called big stars. And here is a hero trying to enter that zone.

For the second time in a row, mega hero Varun Tej proved himself that he's into that 5 crore opening day zone in case his films get a hit talk. His earlier flops like Loafer and Mister collected around 3.2+ crores 'share' on the first day while his biggest hit Fidaa made 4.9+ crores on the first day while Tholiprema lived up to it with a staggering 5.1+ crores share. That shows how Varun Tej is cementing his market at the box office.

Moreover, with no big holidays and holiday seasons around, if Tholiprema could go ahead to collect somewhere around 35+ crores share, then Varun Tej will fall in that bracket of some proven stars like Nani. That will solidify his film's market between 30-40 zone where only Nani is hanging around from a long time with others like Nikhil, Sharwanand and also Sai Dharam Tej constantly failing to reach there.

While Tholiprema did extremely well on Saturday and Sunday, we have to see how collections graph is going to stay on Monday (today). With many multiplexes and A-centre theatres seeing 60% occupancy rate in morning itself, trade pundits are predicting a solid first week for the film. Let's see.

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