Forced Promotions Creating Doubts On Iconic Duo

Forced Promotions Creating Doubts On Iconic Duo

Sometimes people won't believe in a film if the promotions are too high even before the teaser arrives. If any of the latest films is suffering from such syndrome, it's none other than Nagarjuna's "Officer".

This film is being carved by Ram Gopal Varma and that reunion of "Siva" duo has raised many expectations. However, the way Varma and Nag are promoting this film on a regular basis through their tweets is what brings us many doubts. Other than showing Nagarjuna as an elderly person with a gun in hand, there is nothing much with the first look and then there is no teaser of the film out already. At this juncture, if Nag tweets a lot about the movie, it looks like a branding thing only.

In the recent times, whenever Nagarjuna plunged into promotions and told good words about films like Hello and Rangula Ratnam, they proved otherwise at the box office. Maybe both Varma and his hero should wait until they creating a roaring response with the teaser rather than blotting social media with their tweets. The forced promotions are only adding more doubts.

"Officer" is hitting cinemas on May 25th and that's a long way to go for the movie. As per rumours, the film will be on the lines of Hollywood super hit "Taken".

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