Meher Ramesh Suffers 'Sculpting' Itch

May 21st, 2012, 08:00 AM IST
Meher Ramesh Suffers 'Sculpting' Itch

In the name of quality and perfection, many directors waste loads of reels. Slowly, Meher Ramesh is also joining this club for his uncontrollable desperation.

Already, Meher got a black mark in the industry for his continuous flop flicks. It is a wonder to see how he gets big budgeted assignments irrespective of his bombed works. However, this star director has not learned from his mistakes and is now shooting loads of reels under desperation, wasting more time. Insiders revealed that he is extending the foreign shoots of 'Shadow' for longer time than scheduled.

This is affecting the producers of the film with budgets being over shot. 'Shadow' is the upcoming movie of family hero Venkatesh, who is playing the role of a don in this movie. Critics are saying that the result of this flick will make a big impact on the future of both Venkatesh and Meher Ramesh.

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