Lagadapati Drops 'Atom Bomb' On KCR

October 4th, 2012, 05:59 PM IST

Firebrand MP Lagadapati Rajagopal met Home Minister Shinde today to submit a 16 page report about the need for united state and how things shaped in AP due to the greed of few politicians during T-March. He dropped an 'atom bomb' on KCR after that meeting.

'KCR is in Delhi not because Congress invited him but to beg Congress leaders to divide this state. He has put up a proposal of making Hyderabad a Union Territory and rest of the state into two pieces', stressed Lagadapati. He pointed out that KCR should meet Home Minister to discuss about bifurcation but not others like Vaayilar Ravi and Azad.

'Near-defeat win in Parkal has shivered KCR that his political existence will get into trouble if state is not divided. He has come to Delhi only to avoid T-March, but not on invitation', he adds. Lagadapati confirmed that KCR has not met Shinde and there is no question of Telangana at any time.

'At any point, say it UPA government or Congress, we've never separated any state. Only a common opinion of all political parties will help the state divide. And, if T is given, then there is UP, Vidharbha and Goorkhaland kind of 15 more demands across India for separate states. This is not possible', said Lagadapati. The shocking revelations made by him have heated up the political circuits of Andhra Pradesh.

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