CIC Gives Shock To Political Parties

June 4th, 2013, 10:00 AM IST

Central Information commissioner has now tightened the noose around political parties of India. All these days, there is no need for our political parties to reveal about the funds they are getting and the expenditure they are spending. But this should be transparent from now on.

CIC has now pronounced verdict that political parties are also public properties as they use public money and public places all the time.The commissioner stated that Political parties should reveal the expenditure they are spending for public meetings and elections, and also should reveal their incoming fund details. Political parties are getting huge exemption from Income Tax department all these days, and recently Congress got exempted for 300 crores, BSP for 18 crores and BJP for 200 crores. But when a political party is using public places for meets, tax payers' money for their expenditure, how come they will get exemption?

All the political parties in our country are not able to digest this move of CIC, but Aam Admi party leader Arvind Kejriwal felt that this will bring transparency among the happenings inside political parties.

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