Bharati Started New Form Of Blackmail

June 5th, 2013, 11:00 AM IST
Bharati Started New Form Of Blackmail

From last couple of days, we are busy seeing YS Bharati a lot in media and writing letters to various political top brasses to stop harassing her husband. But it looks like she is misleading people, though people know all the facts, says an analyst.

Tainted Kadapa MP YS Jagan's wife Bharati is now saying that YSR Congress will clean sweep the elections if at all Jagan is confined to Chanchalguda jail itself. Indirectly she is saying that only if Jagan comes out, other parties will get some seats otherwise they will all bite dust. Quite ridiculous, isn't it? If people have more like and sympathy for Jagan, they will vote for his party irrespective of his presence, say in Lotus Pond residence or in jail. How can Bharati say that Jagan will clean sweep if he is kept in jail like that and how can she ascertain the fortunes of other political outfits by talking this way? Is this not a blackmail born out of sheer ignorance?

Also Bharati is repeatedly saying that Jagan is neither MP nor a Minister and he got nothing to do with Government Orders and their issuance. If so, then why did the people that got benefitted from YSR's GOs invested only in Jagan's firms but not in someone else's? Of course, that is what CBI is probing now.

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