AP NGOs: Sunrise, Meeting, Sunset

September 6th, 2013, 10:00 AM IST

Speaking with press, AP NGOs secretary Ashok Babu stated that there will be neither violence nor outraging speeches in their meeting scheduled for September 7th that is aimed at creating awareness about united Andhra.
'We are not going to resort to violence or any other stuff. Sun will rise in the west, our meeting will start at 2pm and Sun will set. That's it', says Ashok Babu. He expressed anguish at both Police and LB stadium staff for troubling them with their rules and conditions. 'Earlier they have given permission for many meetings, but why are they creating havoc about AP NGOs meeting? We will invite all political leaders who stand by the cause, but we will not invite on party basis', he adds. However OU JAC is busy stressing that they will disrupt the meeting and will even obstruct AP NGOs by entering Hyderabad by blocking highway at Kodada.
Earlier, Hyderabad Police commissioner Anurag Sharma cleared the air that there is no partiality in giving permission to AP NGOs. 'We have give permission on first come first serve basis. AP NGOs applied for permission on August 20th, while others approached us only on 31st August', he said.


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