I'm for Andhra, Don't Worry - Modi Tells TDP MPs

I'm for Andhra, Don't Worry - Modi Tells TDP MPs

TDP MPs have met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and given a special representation to the PM over the problems, difficulties being faced by the new state of Andhra Pradesh. TDP MPs reportedly told Modi that it would be difficult to face people in the next elections without keeping promises.

Since three and half years are already over and just one-and-a-half year left, TDP MPs asked Modi to do 'justice' to AP. They have even asked Modi to constitute a taskforce and oversee the situation of the new state. It is learnt that Special Package, Centre's help for building basic infrastructure in capital Amaravati, Railway Zone to Visakhapatnam have been brought to Modi's notice. TDP MPs have reportedly sought 20,010 Crores from Centre to the new state that is debt-ridden and facing acute financial crisis.

Apparently, Modi has responded positively and assured them that he would support AP and they need not worry. Modi has told TDP MPs that all the promises that are made in the AP Reorganisation Act 2014 would be fulfilled.

"I'm for Andhra. Don't worry," Modi said to have told the Telugu Desam MPs

Modi has told them that he would be meeting CM Chandrababu Naidu in a couple of days and "would solve the issues that are unresolved so far."

TDP MPs representation to Modi raises/seeks the below.

- Speed action needed in the Special financial package to AP. Although the revenue deficit has been ascertained as Rs 16,079.76 Crore, it was later reduced to Rs 7500 Crore. Even in that, only Rs 3979 Crore have been issued. Even as per that calculation, AP still needs to get Rs 3500 Crore more. But now, the revenue department is saying that only Rs 138.39 Cror is due.

- AP State government has shifted all its offices from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. But people, employees are facing severe problems due to lack of basic facilities. Rs 7911 Crore worth projects under External Assistance Projects (EAP) are in pending. Under EAP, AP has a due of Rs 20,010 Crore from Union  Government. Centre has to pay the debts of AP pertaining to all foreign projects.

- It is objectionable that the department of Union Finance Ministry to state that it will not pay for the loans availed earlier (before 2014) for foreign projects. It said that it will pay only the interest of the Loans taken during these five years under foreign projects. It said that the present loans would be issued only as per the regulations of FRBM (Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management). These are not acceptable.

- As promised in AP Reorganisation Act, Railway Zone has to be accorded to Visakhapatnam. Frequent release of funds to complete Polavaram National Irrigation Project within time.

- With Rs 11,673 Crore funds are needed for the educational institutions (AIIMS, IIM and etc) approved by the Centre, only Rs 421 Crore have been issued so far.

- To establish GAIL-HPCL Consortium project in Kakinada with 32,900 crore, first the revenue deficit is needed to be fulfilled for its sustainance. For this, Centre needs to issue an investment grant of Rs 5615 Crore.

- Visakhapatnam - Chenni corridor, Rapid Road - rail interlinking, Metro rail in Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada promises need to be fulfilled. As a Prime Minister, you need to oversee the execution of these projects and study the plan of execution.

- Even three-and-half years after division of AP and Telangana, 89 Corporations, assets and liablities of government companies, sharing of employees have not been done yet. Since the etenure of Sheela Bhide committee is going to extend in February 2018, PM needs to take special interest and issue necessary directions.

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