Even Lord Rama can't stop rapes - BJP MLA

Even Lord Rama can't stop rapes - BJP MLA

Igniting a new controversy, Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA Surendra Narayan Singh has said that even Bhagwan Rama can't put an end to the growing rape incidents - a remark which's likely to trigger criticism from opposition parties.

Reacting to the molestation issue in Unnao, Singh said 'Mein dawa ke sath kah sakta hun ki Bhagwan Ram bhi aa jayenge to yeh ghatna (rape incidents) par niyantran kar pana sambhav nahi hai. Ye sambhav nahi hai' (I can confidently say that rape incidents could not be contained even if Lord Rama comes). Singh's comment has caused strong reactions from various parties in the state.

Surendra Singh, who elected as legislator from Bairia district, had triggered a controversy for making dismissible statements like 'government staff are worse than prostitutes' and 'parents, smartphones for responsible for rise in rape incidents'. Mr. Singh called Modi as reincarnation of Lord Rama in the past, while comparing Mamata Banerjee with 'Surpanakha'.

The BJP legislator said 'inculcating samskara (good ethics) among men, women and children would control the criminal activities.' It's the duty of everyone to develop good character among teenagers and children to stop the rapes, he added.

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