Gali Gets Bail, But Still In Jail

May 12th, 2012, 01:00 AM IST
Gali Gets Bail, But Still In Jail

In the much hyped Obulapuram Mining Case, prime accused Gali Janardhan Reddy is issued bail by a CBI court that is hearing the plea. But, Gali cannot breathe air as he will be still in remand in Bangalore Jail for the illegal mining done in Karnataka.

Mining tycoon Gali Janardhan Reddy is counting bars from the last 8 months for his illegal mining activities through Obulapuram Mining Corporation. He is granted a conditional bail today by the CBI court, where senior IAS office SriLakshmi is rejected of her bail plea in the same case. However, Gali is currently lodged in Bangalore jail as he is getting interrogated by Karnataka CBI at the moment for his illegal mining through Associated Mining Company.

CBI has already named him accused no.1 in a couple of charge sheets lodged and finished their investigation with Gali. Only if he could get a bail in Bangalore too, Gali will be out of counting bars, else, he will shifted between jails but never enjoys the fruits of bail.

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