Tara Is Not Stopping Her Activities

June 2nd, 2012, 07:00 AM IST
Tara Is Not Stopping Her Activities

With many big cases and issues engulfing the current scenario, people might have forgotten this sex-racket lady, but she hasn't undone her regular activities. After releasing on bail, Tara Chowdary is back to her activity.

Irrespective of the evidences unearthed by police including sex tapes, phone call recordings and key witnesses, Tara still denies the fact that she is arrested for illicit activities. Rather stopping there, the sex-racket lady once again accused that media and police are responsible for her grilling. After two months of stay in Chanchalguda Jail, she is granted bail by the Court.

Tara says that she will reveal all those names involved in getting her cornered, through a press meet she will organize soon. Analysts are saying that this lady has not stopped her 'accusing' activities even after spending some time in jail. Generally, prisoner life brings a noteworthy change in individuals, but there is no such effect in this case.

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