Chandrababu catches YSR-C distributing money

June 8th, 2012, 04:15 PM IST

It's not just a single party, but all most all the political parties involved in by-poll are distributing money for votes. Today, Chandrababu has caught a YSR-Congress worker distributing money.    

Emminganuru has become a den for distributing money and liquor in Kurnool districit. Acting on a tip off, police CI Chandrababu has arrested two youths Devendrappa and Srinivas Reddy who are allegedly distributing money to voters. ‘We’ve received information from Congress party workers that YSR Congress people are distributing money. Our team has nabbed those guys red handed’, says CI Chandrababu.    

Surprisingly, people are running behind these two youths to give them money faster as police have raided that place. May be officials can stop persons who are distributing money but can they prevent all the people who are taking it? As long as people are accepting money for vote, parties will surely give in one way or other.

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