Kamma Voters Killed TDP Dreams

June 15th, 2012, 01:32 PM IST
Kamma Voters Killed TDP Dreams

Till date, TDP is written as a party that got more supporters from the Kamma community of the state as the founders of that party are from the same caste. But, things are not going in their favour these days.

The results of present by-poll have completely white washed the hopes of Telugudesam party in the state. At a place where there are more than 50,000 Kamma voters, TDP hasn't shown any sign of tough fight or recovery. In Guntur district's Prathipadu, rival YSR-Congress contestant has won with more than 17,000 votes majority in a constituency dominated by Kamma caste. This clearly implies that caste based votes are not liking Chandrababu and his ways anymore. But, TDP leaders are supporting their defeat by saying that all those seats belong to Congress and they don't consider this as a loss.

However, they also say that all the Kamma community casted their vote for TDP in Prathipadu unlike these analysations. TDP's contestant got around 70k votes, while winning YSR-C candidate got 87k votes. According to TDP, only votes of BCs have played a key role in the win of YSR-C, else Naidu would have won this seat.

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