What is threatening Indian IT Industry? Trump's Son Foreign Visit Costs $100K taxpayers' Money

Around 100 US firms fighting against Trump

Around 100 US firms fighting against Trump

The uproar over 'Travel ban' in United States of America was not just confined to non-US workers and few local citizens, but also the global Technology giants and leading IT firms, which are facing its heat. With former United States secretaries John Kerry and Madeleine Albright supporting their petition. all of them unanimously railed against new president Donald J Trump.

Besides the fact that employees and their families from banned countries were struck out-of-US, all major firms believe it could badly impact their production, employee base, nation's economy and so, they are prepared to have a face off with new President through a legal petition. Opposing the executive order that was issued to stop immigrants from seven Muslim dominated nations, around 100 US-based companies formed a collaboration and approached US court to fight a war against President Trump.

The long list of the companies, which include globally renowned names like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, eBay, Uber, Twitter and others, have filed a joint petition wherein they mentioned 'White House's restriction is inflicting substantial harm on US companies' by supplementing it with the following statement - 'the contribution of people from non-US nations have made us great.'

The firms further said that the order makes it difficult for them to recruit, hire and retain best employees of the world. An other argument against travel ban include 'the internal security of US could be in a fix and as part of response to Trump actions, there's a possibility that American forces in rest of the countries would face threat.'

However, it can be recalled how the ban was lifted following Federal judge James Robart's major spanner at executive order. His pronouncement has apparently attracted Donald Trump's anger on twitter.

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