5 Reasons For Akhanda’s Blockbuster Collections!

The hot topic in Tollywood right now is Akhanda’s phenomenal opening at the Box Office. While the film was expected to get a good start at the BO, but this magnitude of blockbuster opening is beyond the trade and industry pundits prediction. What’s most important is that the blockbuster talk is sustained and the film continues to mint money at the marquee. Even the second shows on 3rd day are house fulls in both the Telugu states.

How Akhanda turned out to be a cash spinner has become a case study now. Particularly this happened after a long gap of a lull period for the film industry since Covid pandemic. Many producers, directors and even trade is taking a deeper look at what all the factors that worked for Akhanda. Take a look at the five primary reasons behind Akhanda’s thunderous opening.

Balakrishna & Boyapati combo

Undoubtedly Balakrishna is the crowd-puller. He has proved his stardom yet again. Joining him is mass director Boyapati who managed to strike a chord with the nerves of masses. Be it Sarrainodu  or now Akhanda, the films work at the BO big time notwithstanding the critical reviews. The hit combo of Balayya and Boyapati who earlier delivered Simha and Legend did result in good craze and hype for Akhanda. The expectations for the film were set right. Boyapati made sure that the film is promoted as a commercial mass movie which sans logic. So, viewers made up their mind that it is a hero-centric film with Balayya’s dual role. They were not surprised by the glaring errors in the script. They have thoroughly enjoyed the potobiler movie.

Promo Content

Ever since director Boyapati had released the first teaser of Akhanda for NBK’s birthday, he had managed to grab the eyeballs with a stunning dialogue promo. This is the very first impression of audiences on the film. And since then, till the film’s release, all the promos and promotional content that was released on public platforms manage to sustain the curiosity on the film. Both traditional and social media have played a crucial role in taking this content to the public and reaching the masses. The promotion of the film has cemented the movie and thus helped in registering record BO numbers. Kudos to producer who patiently made the movie notwithstanding the delays and spent lavishly on grand scale and promoted, marketed and distributed the film well.


A star hero donning the role of Aghora is never heard of and never seen before. This is what made a lasting impact. Balayya’s Aghora get-up, makeover and the powerful dialogues he uttered are all shown in teasers. These caught the attention. Devotional aspect that is rightly projected hits the bull’s eye. It did hit the family audiences as well who are turning out in large numbers to cinemas.


Post Covid second wave, audiences seem to have gotten bored with the OTT content. It is obvious that they were waiting for some larger-than-life experience on a large screen. That is exactly Balayya’s Akhanda delivered. Crowds who wanted to watch a hero-centric movie were satisfied with Akhanda, that is why the film has a strong word of mouth.

Mass Fans

The mass following of Balayya has come in handy for Akhanda. There are several clap-worthy and whistle-blowing moments for fans. Fans are quite happy with NBK’s stunning show. Whenever a film satisfies the fans of the star, it is enough to do wonders at the ticket windows. That’s the magical feat repeated for Akhanda as well.

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