Stay Safe, Cast Your Vote

It is a D-day for the Greater Hyderabad civic body polls which have become a national news. With the blistering campaign by BJP, TRS, MIM and Congress and the likes of national leaders like Amit Shah, UP CM Yogi Adityanath, JP Nadda, and none other than PM Narendra Modi’s official visit to Hyderabad have all turned a spotlight. Naturally, this garnered a lot of curiosity over the GHMC local body election.

As the Hyderabad voters are going to exercise their vote franchise in the 150 divisions, it is high-time for the voters to follow strict Covid-19 guidelines and take all necessary precautions in the wake of surge in the Covid cases across the country and possible second wave of Covid. Voters have been instructed to wear masks, maintain physical distance in queues. After touching the ballot and casting a vote, one must sanitise hands thoroughly. It would be even better if voters wear face shields and hand gloves for their own safety.

The Health and Medical Department of Telangana and the State Election Commission have listed out some must-follow guidelines for voters. They have urged the people to adhere to the prescribed guidelines.The EC said that markings /round circles have been marked near the polling booths and people have been asked to stand in those markings and maintain the physical distance.

Each voter would come across three contacts inside a polling booth. First a voter would meet a polling officer to check his vote in the voter list and then the voter would move on to the second contact (second polling officer) who inks their finger and then the final and third contact would give a ballot paper and stamp to the voter and before this, voter needs to either sign or put his/her thumb impression after which one has to receive their ballot paper and stamp. Thus, each voter comes across three contacts in a polling booth. This is a serious concern as there is a possibility for the spread even if a single voter fails to follow the Covid guidelines. There is a danger of spreading it from a voter to a polling officer and to the rest of the voters. Hence, voters have been advised to wear gloves and also sanitize their hands before and after casting a vote.

Covid Patients To Cast Vote

Covid-19 patients have been permitted to cast their vote between 5 pm and 6 pm in the evening. Positive voters need to exercise their vote right during this hour. A special entry has been provided for the Corona patients to enter into the booth. People who tested positive after November 1st are allowed to exercise their vote through postal ballot. All the polling officers have Arogya Setu app in their mobiles who constantly monitor the situation. If any polling officer or executive shows signs of Covid, they will be immediately replaced by the reserved employees. Volunteers have been deployed to ensure voters maintain physical distance.

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