‘We are Very Secure’: Priyamani On Break-up Rumours

Just a couple of days ago, actress Priyamani’s husband Mustafa Raj’s first wife Ayesha alleged that they haven’t filed divorce yet. The allegation on the actress’s husband gave a fodder to many headlines stating that Priyamani might face marriage trouble.

However, the actress, who is now in a good form of her career, described her relationship with her husband Mustafa as “secure” in a recent interview. Priyamani said that the “key” to every happy relationship is “Communication”. “If you are asking about the relationship between me and Mustafa.. We are definitely very secure in our relationship, even though right now, he is in the US; he’s working there. We make it a point that we talk to each other every day,” the actress quoted.

Long-distance relationships are always tough but Priyamani said that she and Mustafa make some time out of their busy schedules solely to communicate with each other. “We at least say ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ if we are busy at work. And then he’ll probably call me or text me once he’s free”.

A couple of days ago, Mustafa’s first wife Ayesha alleged that he is still married to her and they are not divorced yet. She called Mustafa and Priyamani’s marriage invalid. “While marrying Priyamani, he declared in the court that he was a bachelor,” – she told.

Soon after, Mustafa rubbished her allegations confirming that they have started living separately sometime in 2010 and that their divorce was formalized in 2013. “The charges against me are false. I am paying the children’s maintenance to Ayesha regularly. She is simply trying to extort money from me.” He added.

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