Sumanth Second Wedding: RGV Says Nee Kharma

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma has mocked actor Sumanth who is reportedly getting married for the second time. On Wednesday morning a wedding card with the names of Sumanth and Pavithra has surfaced on social media and went viral too.

However Sumanth is tight-lipped about his wedding and is even unavailable to make a comment. He is known to keep his personal life extremely private and he is doing the same for his wedding.

Except for the family, none from the industry know about Sumanth wedding and many got to know through the social media.

Having seen this news on the internet, director RGV reacted and kind of mocked Sumanth. “Oka saari ayyaka kooda neekinkaa buddhi raaledha @iSumanth? Nee kharma , aa pavitra kharma. Anubhavinchandi,” tweeted RGV.

“Oka pelle noorella penta ayithe, rendo pellentayya Swami ? Naa maata vini maneyyi ..Pavitra gaaru, mee jeevithaalani paadu chesukokandi..Thappu meedhi @iSumanth dhi kaadhu ..Thappu aa dhaurbhagyapu vyavasthadi,” added RGV further.

We all know what kind of personality RGV is and the rapport he shares with the Akkinenis, might have made him to comment so.

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