An Honest Take On Lakshmi Manchu’s Home Tour

From top-notch actresses to celebrated comedians, one video they will all do for sure on YouTube is none other than “Home Tour”. The likes of Suma, Himaja, Sadha and many others garnered lakhs of views from these tour videos. But here is one video that is sparking more debate than ever for its honest portrayal.

Most of the home tour videos usually boast a lot about the luxurious lives of our celebs, while showcasing the artefacts, luxury goods and their other collections. But then, the home tour video released by Lakshmi Manchu not only features her palatial residence, but the brutal honesty with which she shares some things have garnered all the attention.

Apparently, Lakshmi has showcased how they have got a family cartoon done, inspiring many to have such works in their houses. Also, she agrees with a grace that her father has given her that house as she flaunted that dining table where the likes of NTR and many other Chief Ministers have dined. Meanwhile, the actress-producer has given a peep into the timetable board she created for her daughter, which is really a helpful thing for many moms and dads as well to follow for their kids.

Another honest aspect is that Lakshmi advises parents to not buy things excessive for their kids, as that will only spoil them further. And she readily revealed that her daughter has a huge set of shoes, but they are not brought by her, but the under-sized used shoe sent by Vishnu’s wife, where were actually used by Vishnu’s kids earlier. Which celebrity of that stature reveals such stuff to the public?

Lakhsmi Manchu is surely a bit different when it comes to presenting her iconic home located in Film Nagar to the world and looks like it worked out. Upon the insistence of her YouTube subscribers, she’s said to have come up with this video. We have to see what else she will come up with next.

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