Talk: An Inside Estimate On Sudigaali Sudheer’s Income

It has become the talk of the town with comedian/anchor Sudigaali Sudheer revealing that he has built two houses in Hyderabad after his super successful stint with Mallemala for Jabardasth and other programs. Since then everyone started to think about the remunerations these Jabardasth comedians are receiving as what would have helped a comedian like Sudheer to get two houses in Hyderabad.

In the first place, even if he has built two houses or two apartments, it would have cost anywhere between 2 Cr to 4 Cr for both of them. Even if he managed to get a loan, the monthly EMI for the two houses shots up to almost 1-2.5 lakhs per month. On that note, a quick inside estimate revealed that actually Sudheer and his team including Ram Prasad and Getup Sreenu gets paid a whopping 5 lacks per episode by Mallemaala. Sources revealed that the three will distribute the money among themselves equally after taking out other payments. Sudheer is likely to earn nearly 4 lac rupees from Jabardasth alone per month.

And then, he also hosts a new show called Sridevi Drama Company and is a co-host on Dhee dance program too. For each of the shows, he’s likely to get around an 80K to 1.5 lac per episode easily. Now add more to this income from other private hostings, tours and the film offers he’s getting. The young comedian cum anchor is drawing nearly 0.5-1 crore per annum even if there are some no-work months. That puts Sudheer in the list of happening heads of big corporate companies and there is no exaggeration in saying that he could afford another house as well in Hyderabad’s posh gated community with all amenities very soon.

As per industry people, these payments are not that high compared to what other star comedians like Vennela Kishore are learning as they charge nearly 1.5 to 2 lacs per day thus earning 4-5 crores a year pretty easily.