Comedian’s Repeated Punches On Skirt Length Draws Flak

Whatever may be the show, these days sexist jokes have become part and parcel of Telugu comedy and game shows. In every show, insulting women with demeaning words or using lots of double entendres has become a notion. And it looks like this comedy pair, is right now drawing huge criticism for those acts.

For their continuous pairing in Jabardash, Emmanuel and Varsha became the talk of the town, and after the latter announced that she’s in love with him, they have further shot to fame. While all the jokes used to be on Emmanuel’s bald head earlier, people used to feel that it is body shaming, but as long as the joke is on a guy they felt it’s okay. But now, Emmanuel is repeatedly seen throwing punches on the skirt lengths of Varsha.

Even in a game show they have turned up as guests, the comedian could be seen asking Varsha what happened to the length of her skirt, while she rebukes him saying that whatever happened to his hair has happened to her skirt too. But then, putting a joke on a woman’s skirt in a sexist way is surely hurting feminists and general folks as well.

Dressing sense, colour and appearance are something the new generation is not worried about. While Emmanuel and Varsha pair was supposed to be a new example of that, their punches on bald head and length of the skirt aren’t really entertaining. It’s painful for the ones who are facing it in real.