Rajamouli’s Next Multi-Starrer With Only Mega Heroes?

Since the super success of Magadheera at the box office, mega-producer Allu Arvind is trying to get SS Rajamouli to carve out a movie for him again on the Geetha Arts banner. Though the mega producers tried to get even a collaborative hand in some later projects of Rajamouli, it never happened.

Now that Rajamouli will be soon moving to his next project with Mahesh Babu after the release of #RRR, it is being heard that the mega-producer is trying to lock the star director for his later film.

Apparently, Geetha Arts is said to have offered Rajamouli a huge package if the Baahubali maker would carve a multi-starrer featuring Allu Arjun and Ram Charan in the leads. Though Arvind wanted to make a movie with Rajamouli and Allu Arjun, somehow his plans shifted to a multi-starrer now they say.

What we have to see now is, will Rajamouli agree to this proposal of Arvind to make a movie with mega heroes? As the Baahubali maker has made a multi-starrer film just now, will he stick to the same pattern again? Going by the way Rajamouli plans his films, surely he will not be doing the same thing back to back. Let’s see what happens.