MAA Polls: Jeevitha Rajasekhar responds to Bandla’s comments

Jeevitha Rajasekhar’s entry into Prakash Raj’s panel in the Movie Artists Association (MAA) elections has changed a lot of things. Bandla Ganesh who was expecting the General secretary from the panel is disappointed with the sudden entry of Jeevitha.

Today, Bandla Ganesh made some comments on the MAA Elections and revealed that he will be contesting as the General Secretary. Ganesh is reportedly unhappy with the selection of Jeevitha Rajasekhar.

Bandla Ganesh revealed that Jeevitha Rajasekhar made negative comments on the Mega Family earlier and he does not want to be in the same panel as Jeevitha. However, Jeevitha Rajasekhar responded to the comments and reacted in a sensible way.

“I don’t think Bandla Ganesh is contesting against me. Anyone who is a part of the MAA Association can contest in the elections. He wants to contribute to the development of the association and he can contest in the election too,” she responded to a TV channel.

Jeevitha also confirmed that there are no differences among the members of the association. She revealed that she will still work for the development of the association irrespective of the success and failure in the polls.

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