Dil Raju Readying Another Shocker To Theatres?

Telugu producers who regularly carve movies are in huge confusion now as they are unable to decide whether they should wait for theatres to function normally and ticket pricing issues to resolve, or they should sell off their films to OTT. And then, top producer Dil Raju who tried to explore the post-second wave market with Paagal is said to have come to a decision already.

Whether the proposed discussions with AP CM YS Jagan bring fruitful results are not, Dil Raju is said to have decided to give shocker to theatres big time. The mega-producer is said to have sold out his upcoming big-budgeted film to a leading OTT platform that is actually looking forward to going aggressive in the Telugu market from now on. Though the leading heroes of that film are against the OTT release, the producer is said to have taken the call already.

With Raju himself being one of those top distributors and exhibitors as well, surely he knows better than anyone regarding the situation of footfalls in theatres. And if this top producer took such a strong call to release his biggie in OTT, surely it is going to impact the decisions of others. For that very same reason, the news of his film being sold to this OTT platform is kept under the wraps, it seems.

On the other hand, Raju’s 50th film as a producer on SVC Banner is launched today. Featuring Ram Charan and Kiara Advani in the leads, the film will be crafted by legendary S Shankar.

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