Prakash Raj’s Logic Is Good, But Members Want Magic

Versatile actor Prakash Raj is contesting for Movie Artists Association (MAA) and his spot on dialogues at the campaign are getting all the attention. He says that either he will be MAA President and or he will remain MAA Member and that this is not a US Presidential election, as he spoke with a larger group of audiences other day.

Apparently, Prakash’s revelation that he has done a 6-month groundwork to find out how many members of MAA are really active, and how the likes of Ram Charan, Naga Chaitanya never come to vote in the election, have touched many. But then, MAA members were hearing these logical statements all the time from the contestants. They need more magic than logic, and here is why it is that way.

Prakash Raj wants to create a Doctors club and magnetic cards will be given to members in order to access those services. Directly the members could go to a hospital, and when they swipe it there, the association will come to know about it, rather than a member seeking medical help from the association first and going to the doctors later. This is a fantastic idea. And to get money, to create the 10 crore fund for MAA, he says, he can call Mahesh and NTR to act in a movie whose sales profits will go to MAA like how Maniratnam and batch did “Navarasa” where they donated all the 26 crores profit to Corona victims. This too sounds like an incredible thought.

If we could recall, the likes of Rajendra Prasad during their campaigning stated that they are friends with many CMs and top stars, and they could get funds just like that. But in the end, it is the same story and MAA is short of funds always to help the needy artists. Even the planned USA tour never got started and there were never charity raising dinners or anything by MAA. So, Prakash’s logic won’t be appealing unless he shows the magic to deliver that as well if at all he wins.

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