Things Turning Ugly For Aparichitudu Hindi Remake

A couple of months ago, it was announced that Ranveer Singh has been roped in for the Hindi remake of Anniyan/Aparichitudu. The movie will be helmed by Shankar and bankrolled by Jayantilal. Though the news excited fans, the original producer Aascar Ravichandran has moved to court against Shankar and Jayantilal.

Ravichandran had claimed that he owns the copyright of Anniyan and the movie cannot have a remake without his consent. “I own the copyright of the film and no other person has the right over it as I am the author of the movie,” Ravichandran said. And once again, Ravichandran has shared the latest update in the matter.

He said that the South Indian Film Chamber is in support of him and will soon send the letter to Shankar and his team. He further added that he is also remaking Anniyan and the announcement will be bigger than that of Shankar’s film. “Yes, I am also remaking Anniyan and it will be on a grand scale”, he said.

Ravichandran further added that his film will have one Bollywood and one International artist, and it will be remade in Hindi and English respectively. “Everybody is thinking I have asked for money, I have never asked for money. It is my property. Somebody is misguiding producer Jayantilal Gada. Before December the big announcement will be made, that’s why I kept quiet,” says Ravichandran.

He concluded that he was shocked when Gada announced the Hindi remake. “And I have been waiting for the opportunity for ten years”. Shankar and Jayantilal Gada had announced in April 2021 that they will be remaking the film in Hindi with Ranveer Singh playing the lead.