Teja’s Hanu-Man FL: The World Of Anjanadri Is A Visual Feast

Prashanth Varma has been surprising with his innovative concepts right from his first film Awe. After introducing Zombie concept to Tollywood with his previous film, the director is now working for the first Indian superhero movie Hanu-Man with his Zombie Reddy hero Teja Sajja in the title role.

The major challenge for a director when making such fantasy or superhero films is the overall look of protagonist. Apparently, massive research underwent before finalizing Teja’s look in Hanu-Man. Teja looks apt in the role with an appealing hairdo, moustache and beard. His dressing is also atypical and eye-catching. Gazing seriously at his mark, Teja appears with a slingshot in his hand in forest backdrop.

The makers have also released Hanumanthu’s intro video that showcases the world of Anjanadri which is a visual feast. The dense forest, waterfalls, Teja Sajja’s heroic acts make it worth all the hype on the glimpse. Background score is riveting and exceptionally complements the visuals.

The first look and the intro video promise visual spectacular on big screens. Production values of Primeshow Entertainment are top-notch.