Sushant’s Suicide: Kangana Blasts Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut is an epitome of straightforwardness and frank speaking. The actress has many times been vocal about several hidden issues in Bollywood like nepotism, partiality among actors and cashing couch. Whenever she talked facts, people not only disapproved it but also had an impact on her career. She was labelled as rude and arrogant and many such downsides were seen.

Today, Sushant Singh’s suicide has many angles to dig out as netizens argue that he was ignored by the nepotism-filled industry and offers were taken deliberately away from him.

But no celebrity dared to speak on this paramount subject, instead, wrote condolences and sorry messages on social media. Kangana, who has been truthful to herself all these years, came forward and took a stand on Sushant’s suicide. While netizens called biggies from the industry as double standards and hypocrites, Kangana also expressed outrage and furious over the pathetic situation in B-town.

Kangana’s team shared the video and wrote, “#KanganaRanaut exposes the propaganda by industry and #SushantSinghRajput’s tragic death & how the narrative is spun to hide how their actions pushed #Sushant to the edge. Why it’s imp to give talent their due &when celebs struggle with personal issues media to practice restraint.”

The video shows Kangana asking why GullyBoy was given all the awards but not a heartwarming and beautiful film like Sushant’s Chhichore. She questioned Bollywood on why no one dared to give credit to Sushant for his amazing achievement with films like Kai Po Che, Dhoni and Kedarnath.

Kangana said that Sushant was an engineer with Standford scholarship. “Why people are calling him mentally unstable, psychotic, neurotic and addict when he is highly brilliant with a proper conscience from his school days”. “Sanjay Dutt ke addiction ko aap log bahut cute lagte hai,” she quoted.

She also said that people tried to instigate some suicidal thoughts in her mind as well by asking her to stay strong and not take a drastic step in her hard times. Why are you telling me this? Why do you want to put the thought of suicide in my mind?” she asked.

Taking reference from a viral post of Sushant’s, where he was seen pleading to watch his movies as he “didn’t have a godfather” in the industry, Kangana said that despite his great lineup of films, he didn’t receive any acknowledgement or awards, unlike the other star-kids of the industry. Kangana alleged that “Ye suicide nahi, planned murder tha!” and concluded saying that Sushant’s only fault was in believing those who told him he was “worthless” and forgetting his mother’s words to him.

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