Work On Government Ticketing Portal In Full Flow

The government of AP has been quite tough on the ticket pricing and slashed it down during the time of Vakeel Saab. Now, industry biggies are trying hard to get things back to normal but that is not happening.

A delegation met AP minister Perni Nani today and spoke to him about the ticket pricing. The news is that the AP government is in big plans to build a proper government-based portal in AP to remove all the discrepancies.

So, in the days to come, the online portal will come into effect, and government bodies will diktat things from here on. If this happens, some big players of online ticketing will face a huge loss.

Many were of the opinion that the government online ticketing is just a namesake idea but things are different now as Jagan and his government are very keen on the prices and want to handle things their own and the first thing is ticketing portal.

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