A Perfect Conclusion To Dookudu Decade Special Celebrations

We usually see fans wars in social media platforms and more than the love there is huge hatred as anti-fans opt for negative propaganda. Meanwhile, fans of superstar Mahesh Babu have done a remarkable deed, on the special occasion of Dookudu completing 10 years after its release.

They indeed have inspired others to take right path in celebrating such occasions. As is known, Dookudu special shows were screened in various places in AP and TS. Most of the theatres witnessed houseful boards which we didn’t see in recent times, after the second wave.

Fans thronged to theatres, as if it was an opening day of the star’s new movie. Of course, the box office collections were huge in all the centres. Fans gave a perfect conclusion to Dookudu Decade Special Celebrations by donating the amount to workers in theatres and also to charities.

This is a great initiative by superstar fans and hope fans will continue to inspire others in taking up charity works!

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