Pic Talk: Niharika Konidela… Ms to Mrs?

There were a lot of rumors that Niharika was in love with a young co-star and months later she is rumored to be marrying Prabhas and after it got ruled out, Sai Dharam Tej’s name too popped up. While Niharika is trying to focus on films, her father Naga Babu recently said he will soon find a good match for her to get married.

Surprisingly, Niharika posted something on her social media account that puzzled the followers. Holding a Starbucks coffee cup with ‘Mrs. Niha’ written on it while ‘Ms’ is struck off. Niharika too left it the way cryptic it is with ‘Uh.. what?’ to quote the picture.

Well, it looks like either Niharika’s marriage is fixed for real, or she just started promoting her new film or a short film that has a marriage concept. That seems to be suspense for now.