Kota’s Comments On Anasuya’s Dressing; Anasuya Reacts

Senior actor Kota Srinivasa Rao seems to be in the news for all wrong reasons. In his recent interview with popular journalist Jaffer, Kota shared his views on various aspects of his life, cinema, and the MAA Elections. His casteist remarks in the MAA Elections already resulted in criticism against him. Now, Anasuya Bharadwaj is also unhappy with Kota’s comments.

In the same interview, Kota Srinivasa Rao was asked to respond about the comedy being generated in the current times. Kota said, “It is not a comedy but a Circus.” When the journalist grilled Kota to respond about the type of comedy being generated in the TV shows like Jabardasth, Kota expressed his disappointment.

“It is not a comedy. People might watch it but it will not last long,” said Kota Srinivasa Rao, adding, “Anasuya garu is a talented actress. She looks beautiful. She is very expressive. She is a very good actress but personally, I do not like her dressing in the TV show. Other than that, I like her as an actress.”

Kota also said, “Roja garu is dressed well in the same show but I don’t like Anasuya’s dressing.”

The interviewer tried to tell Kota that dressing style is one’s personal choice. However, Kota disagreed with that opinion.

Anasuya seems to have watched the interview and the senior actor’s comments against her. She did not take Kota’s name but shared a personal note on Twitter, expressing her displeasure.

“It overwhelms me on how my choice of dressing is a matter of concern to this extent,” she mentioned in her note.

When a netizen pointed out that Kota also shared great and positive things about the actress but Anasuya said, “Ayyo.. idela undante andi “mee abbai chala baaga chaduvutunnadu.. class ki regular ga vastadu,. Andariki help chestadu.. kani ala red colour sleeveless shirt veskodam naku nachaledandi.. anduke marks takkuvichamu” annattu .. idi mechukunnatta??”

The following is Anasuya’s response to Kota’s comments!

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