Raghavendra Rao’s Holy Advice To Industry Peddalu

Of course, the heat of MAA Elections has surely fizzled out but then some TV channels are still trying to extract something from nothing such that there will be a lot of attention. During one such event, when senior director K Raghavendra Rao turned up to promote his film, he was posed with the question of ‘Industry Peddha’.

With Naresh commenting earlier that Telugu Industry lacked an industry peddha and Mohan Babu should take that position, many felt that it is an embarrassing comment aimed at Megastar Chiru. However, K Raghavendra Rao opined that none should feel like industry peddha here as that will make them lose respect. Wonder why?

“When our own kids are not listening to the advice we give, how come these many people in the industry will listen? It’s better to not take up the role of industry pedda and embarrass ourselves in the end. Also we might make some enemies in that process”, said Raghavendra Rao, sharing his opinion. He further added, “a crown of flowers is not required, we just need to save our respect”.

But then this holy advice may not give any kick to the biggies, because if no one takes care of the industry as a bigwig, the whole industry may go directionless with fights and arguments, isn’t it? Whether someone will listen or not, someone should take responsibility actually. So we have to see if the real industry peddalu of Tollywood will take these words of Raghavendra Rao or not.

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