#RRR & Radheshyam Impact In Pawan & Mahesh Camps

It has been confirmed multiple times already by now that both the magnum opus movies, Rajamouli’s #RRR and Prabhas’ Radheshyam are hitting cinemas as usual on January 7th and 14th respectively. And with no indication that these films will go for any change in plans, reports are coming that the camps of Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu are now taking the impact.

Apparently, both Bheemla Naayak and Sarkaruvaripaata were supposed to hit cinemas within a couple of days on the eve of Sankranthi on January 12th and 13th. With Pawan Kalyan swiftly wrapping the shoot of this Malayalam movie remake, and Mahesh Babu completing the Parasuram directorial at jet speed, Sankranthi release seemed imminent. However, with two biggies like #RRR and Radheshyam targeting the same season, definitely, it will be a bad move for Pawan and Mahesh to tear up the box office revenues as none would get a lion’s share.

Reports are now coming that already Mahesh has decided to move the film either to the last weekend of January or somewhere in the middle of February. With Feb 4th locked by Acharya, and the last weekend, Feb 25th locked by F3, we have to see which date Mahesh’s Sarkaruvaaripata will pick. At the same time, Pawan Kalyan’s film might also shift to a new date in February or they might even go to summer 2022 as well.

Lets wait for couple of more days to get proper clarity on the release dates of these two superstars and their upcoming movies.

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