Ravanasura FL: Ten Mighty Shades Of Ravi Teja

Apparently, the success of Krack gave a new energy to Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja who has been doing different genre films. As is known, Ravi Teja will be joining hands with director Sudheer Varma for his milestone 70th film to be produced by Abhishek Nama who has good taste in making wide variety of films under Abhishek Pictures and RT Teamworks banners.

The team came up with first look poster of the movie titled strikingly as Ravanasura. As the title suggests, Ravi Teja plays a role with ten different shades and the same is depicted through the first look poster. Ravi Teja appears mighty powerful like the main antagonist Ravanasura in the Hindu epic Ramayana with ten heads, as he sits on a mask faced chair.

Wears lawyer’s dress code, Ravi Teja holds a gavel in his hand with blood marks on it. The nine other forms of Ravi Teja appear more hazardous with wildness in his face. Guns are seen on Ravi Teja’s back, while books and paint brush are seen in front of him. Every object in the poster tries to tell something about Ravi Teja’s character and the film.

Overall, the first look poster is highly impressive as it presents Ravi Teja in a never seen before avatar. Srikanth Vissa wrote a first of its kind for the film that will have some noted actors and popular technicians working for it.