Inside Talk: RRR Preview Gave Goosebumps To Family


Director legend SS Rajamouli’s RRR is taking the audience for a ride as every poster and song from the release that got released so far along with the glimpse video are giving goosebumps. And we are hearing that the film has many more goosebumps moments as the family members and friends of the director already witnessed it.

A talk is coming out that recently Rajamouli has screened Jr NTR and Ramcharan’s RRR for his immediate family members and some friends too. While some of the post-production work is still happening, he’s said to have given them a taste of what they are going to get. A source revealed that all the action episodes of the film are top-notch with Rajamouli’s typical dramatic enhancement of elevation shots and fight ideas stunned everyone. He’s said to have given Chatrapathi interval bang kind of treatment almost 5-6 times in the movie.

Apart from the period content, which itself is interesting anytime, Rajamouli’s intense creation of a love story between Charan and Alia Bhatt, NTR and Olivia Morris is said to be a major highlight of the film. While Rajamouli’s love dramas are usually commercial-types in his previous films, this time he’s said to have carved out a true love story with intense raw emotions.

All said and done, the setup, the visual effects, casting and Keeravani’s terrific background score are going to stun the audience on January 7th, as the film hits screens then, if this internal report is anything to believe.

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