Rashmika’s Last Name Triggers A Debate Again

Rashmika Mandanna
Rashmika Mandanna

Ever since she became a National Crush in 2020, every single piece of news related to hot heroin Rashmika Mandanna is getting huge attention across the nation. Though her last name got debated back in 2019 as well, right now her last picture led to another debate on the same, this time across many social media platforms. 

Going by the boarding pass picture she has shared other day, one could easily guess that the last name of Rashmika Mandanna is Mundachadira. Of course, her father’s name is Madan Mandanna Mundachadira and there is no hiding about it. But folks are quite interested to find out more things about this particular last name and the history behind that. 

Jumping into the scene her hardcore fans stated that as she hails from the Kodagu (Coorg) area of Karnataka, she might have lineage connected to the Kodagu dynasties that ruled over the place. Also, they are busy saying that the British Government exempted the people from this clan from the ban of carrying weapons and much more. And all the greatness of some Kodagu warriors and leaders who fought in various wars with valour is now being attributed to Rashmika. 

Whether that is TWitter or Instagram, right now this debate around the last name Mundachadira is getting intensified we must say. And there are those who also say, that’s just a last name and there is nothing really like blue blood or anything, but it’s a matter of time, opportunity, actions and consequences. 

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