New Twist: Sri Sudha Files Forgery Case On Shyam K Naidu

One of Tollywood’s prominent cameramen Shyam K Naidu has landed in more troubles. A few weeks back, a female artist by name Sai Sudha has lodged a cheating case against him with SR Nagar Police. Based on this complaint, the police have arrested Shyam too.

Two days after this arrest, Shyam came out of bail and started negotiations with Sai Sudha through his sources. The Filmnagar folks gossiped that a big personality from the industry had mediated the terms between Shyam and Sai Sudha. The talks have reportedly come to a logical conclusion. But the police continued their process and took the case to the Nampally Court’s notice.

When this case came for hearing, Shyam has reportedly submitted a petition in the court that it is a compromise and it even had the signature of Sai Sudha. The twist came here as Sai Sudha claimed that her signature was forged.

Taking this into consideration, the Nampally Court has cancelled the bail of Shyam K Naidu and directed the police to file two more cases against the cameraman. Now the cinematographer is in even bigger trouble.

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