Buzz: Allu Arvind Buys Another Time Loop Concept

Mega Producer Allu Arvind somehow picks up interesting concepts whether that is for remaking or to make it as a series for his OTT platform Aha. Some projects like Locked and Kudi Edamaithe on Aha are said to have got handpicked by him during the script stage. And it looks like he got one more now.

Tamil film Manaadu which features Simbu in the lead and directed by Venkat Prabhu actually steals its idea from the 2014 Hollywood film “Edge Of Tomorrow” which deals with the time loop concept. The hero dies and relives the same day again and again, and thus faces some challenges to overcome such that he will get relieved from the unending loop. And Simbu’s movie is right now reaping huge collections at the Tamil box office, and Telugu producers are getting ready to buy the remake rights rather than releasing the dubbed version.

Reports are coming up that Allu Arvind acquired the Telugu remake rights of this time loop film where the hero needs to save the Chief Minister of the state from an assasination plot. Word has that either Saidharam Tej or Allu Sirish will be starring in this remake film that will be produced by Geetha Arts. But the thing is, are Telugu audience really enjoying this time loop concept as the series earlier featured on Aha got limited appeal.